Marketing Resources

It’s one thing to have a dream, and another to co-create its fulfillment. Let’s learn how to do the latter!

Your brilliant impulse to have an impact for good has brought you to where you are now…. ready to go out and begin working with people as a certified Calling in “The One” and/or Conscious Uncoupling Coach!

Yet how to now get yourself out there?

Please spend some time with the videos and audios below to get a sense of the many options you now have available to you moving forward. Once you’ve immersed yourself in the material, write your own marketing plan. Make sure it’s one that lights you up and inspires you to step up and out of your comfort zone.

Jill Lublin, Supercharge Your Practice
with Free Media Exposure

Angela Barrett, How To Get Free
Publicity For Your Coaching Practice

Lisa Garr, "Telling Your Story"

Debra Poneman, Sharing Your Story in Heart Opening, Compelling & Wildly Inspiring Ways

Gina DeVee, The Art of Becoming a Rock Star Entrepreneur!

Tips from Katherine Woodward Thomas, Media Handout for Certified Coaches

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