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Jane Velten

Dallas, TX

jane velten

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Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s story? For many years, I lived out the story I’d learned as a child—play small, settle for less, and avoid conflict to stay safe. But as I grew older, a “Truer Self” within me began calling: “Wake up! Start living your own story because the world needs your gifts!”

I began listening to that True Self, leaving my marriage and embracing my own story and gifts, which are all about creating authentic partnership. Following my path, I studied the transformative power of conflict and cultural diversity, which miraculously led me to my true partner—my husband, Dirk. Together, we led in-person gender workshops throughout the United States, as well as Europe and Russia, and today, we offer our programs online.

Then, another miracle: I found Katherine Woodward Thomas, who mentored me to become a Senior Mentor Coach in both her Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling programs. Today, I serve as Lead Coach in Katherine’s personal and professional development training programs. My private coaching practice allows me to create an intimate field of partnership and possibility for my clients, as they take a powerful stand for the love they desire.

Call me today for a free consultation and let’s explore how you can wake up into your own story of partnership, magic and miracles!

Lina Shanklin, MA, MS

Bay Area, CA

lina shanklin conscious uncoupling coach

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A Love, Dating and Relationship Expert and Master Sr. Mentor Coach with an international Calling in “The One” practice, Lina draws on 35 years of innovation and experience mastering the steps of creating dramatic openings and miracles in the love lives of her clients, regardless of age, past patterns, or current circumstances, including the challenge of meeting and dating in the time of the pandemic.

If you’re feeling disheartened with persistent disappointments in love despite all the work you’ve done, Lina is known to get unprecedented results in her Breakthrough to Love sessions. A skilled intuitive, she brings uncanny insight, powerful tools and steps that will free you to create your own miracle of love, as well as master the secrets of sustaining lasting love.

“I was inspired to become a Coach at the very beginning of Katherine’s pioneering program. When my clients and I called in our own Beloveds, singularly matched in vision, values, passions, commitment and that special aliveness and chemistry that fuels and sustains love, I knew I’d made the right choice. Today, I’m blessed to mid-wife these same miracles of love in the lives of my clients every day. I hold the same commitment and vision for you.”

A triply Certified Coach, Lina is a skilled teacher/practitioner of rapid transformation and energy healing modalities, including DNA/ThetaHealing and Advanced Reference Point Therapy.

To reach out for Complimentary Exploration call Email: yourtransformation@


Jeanne Byrd Romero

Phoenix, AZ


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What started out as a creative and stimulating 30 year career in the film business eventually broke down my body, my spirit, and my marriage. I witnessed troubled relationships in an industry that demanded a 16 hour work day. I then got to work to heal and recreate my life, listening to the not so gentle whispers of my heart that guided me to eventually become a relationship expert and health and wellness coach.

Being with Katherine on the ground floor of her work since 2005, I have transformed my life in all areas. Now, as a Sr. Mentor Coach, I help train new in-coming coaches. As well as have a thriving international coaching practice, dedicated to guiding my clients to experience authentic love fulfilled, which is exactly what I have in my loving second marriage. I just completed my Master of Science degree in Health Coaching and Advanced Nutrition, and created my own signature program called Healthy Love that combines self-care practices and Calling in “The One” principles.

My deepest desire is for you to fall in love with yourself as you allow me to guide you on your healthy journey of love fulfilled. I am also a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, helping to create a sacred space of healing and growth for the person who has experienced heartbreak at the end of a relationship.


Dr. Joan Bragar, EdD

Boston, MA

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Dr. Joan Bragar is the author of Never Too Late for Love: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the Second Half of Life.

She works with Katherine Woodward Thomas, the family therapist and New York Times bestselling author of Calling in the One, and Conscious Uncoupling to design and develop The True Love Awakening transformational programs.

Joan is a certified relationship coach who helps women to find happy healthy love in the second half of life. She was happily married at age sixty-two to Marc, whom she met on They are living a full life in Florida and Boston, working, staying fit, and enjoying their many children and grandchildren. She has worked as a professor of leadership at Boston University and as an executive coach to business owners at Harvard Business School.

Joan earned her AB, EdM and EdD degrees from Harvard University. She has taught leadership around the world in universities, businesses, and health ministries. The leadership practices and programs that she led are documented in her book, Leading for Results.

You can reach her at

Victoria Rose, BA (Hons.)

London, England

victoria rose conscious uncoupling coach

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I always enjoyed a life of variety and adventure but somehow played it safe in relationships by keeping myself distant. Activity and achievement seemed satisfying and all-absorbing.

By 37, I’d been married 11 years. From the outside I had “everything”: a husband, two sons, a beautiful home… but on the inside I was falling apart. After my divorce, a friend introduced me to an international personal development program. Still in my corporate career I began a journey of understanding and change. Several fun but unfulfilling relationships later, I found Calling in “The One”. Finally, key pieces fell into place around my own part in relationships. I saw I’d been looking outward while not turning within first, and what that had cost me.

In 2011, I trained personally with Katherine, and became a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach”. I’m now very happily re-partnered with a blended family of 4 young adults. My book “Eat That Elephant: Proven Systems for Becoming Clutter Free” (2014) is another example of how my passion and work is helping people to overcome inner blocks.

Now a Sr. Mentor Coach, it’s my privilege to guide others through this magical process and to train other certified coaches.


Prem Glidden

Delray Beach, FL

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Phone: 773.255.1205
Skype: prem.glidden

Although I had been on a spiritual journey for many years, I found myself in my 50’s confused as to why I could not seem to create the love and partnership that I so deeply desired. I was successful in other areas of my life and yet, the deep connection with a Beloved seemed to be out of my reach.

A friend gave me the book “Calling in “the One” and I loved it. It spoke to me because it reminded me that before I could call in my Beloved, I had to become the Beloved I was seeking.

This was almost 15 years ago and my life has changed in incredible ways. Today I am a happily married woman to the man of my dreams, as well as a certified as a Sr. Mentor Calling in “The One” Coach and a Sr. Mentor Conscious Uncoupling Coach. I am a powerful guide and will support you to achieve your greatest possibilities in life and in love. Combining practical ability with intuition and deep love and compassion, I will assist you in breaking through barriers that have stopped you in the past while offering the skills and capacities you need to co-create the relationships you so deeply desire. I have successfully supported many of my clients to find the love and partnership of their dreams and I’d love you to be my next success story.


Janet Webber

Nova Scotia, Canada

janet webber

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Have you ever wondered why finding love seems to be so easy for some but so hard for you?  

After years of failed relationships, I felt hopeless to understand why I was still alone. So many parts of my life were working, but my relationships were laden with pain and confusion.

I decided to get serious and figure this “love” thing out once and for all!

In 2010 I came across the Calling in “The One” work. Since then, I have been working closely with Katherine Woodward Thomas supporting her online courses and, in 2015, I became a Mentor Coach for both her Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach Training programs. 

I’m also a Martha Beck Life Coach (2009); Reality Therapy certified (2008); Trained in Internal Family Systems therapy and have experience working with addictions.

I consider my journey of finding and experiencing great love my proudest achievement, and I want the same for YOU! 

It is my deepest desire that every single person on the planet may come to know the truth and beauty of their own precious heart and their POWER to create the love they truly desire.


Lynne Michelson,

San Rafael, CA

lynne michaelson 1

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I was very romantic as a girl, but becoming pregnant at 22 was not “The Plan.” Yet I married, toiling away for 27 years until divorcing returned me to being single. I was clueless about dating, yet determined to find keys to lasting love. Encountering Calling in “The One” was a key experience, because I transformed so many old false beliefs and uncovered real self-love. I discovered that my old behaviors were what kept me from fully loving and choosing. And now, after consciously dating, I am happily married to Elliot, a wonderful man who I everyday choose to love.

After 25 years as a psychotherapist and over 15 years as trainer of hundreds of relationship coaches, I love weaving practices from Heart Math, Internal Family Systems and Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy. As a Sr. Mentor coach at Calling in “The One,” I’m passionate about authentic intimacy, communication, and heart-centered relationships.

My loving and deep presence helps both men and women grow in confidence, and feel seen and known in their gifts, unique strengths, and beautiful hearts. I’m super-curious and enjoy helping clients uncover and transform what has kept them from love; so that many have moved into happy and fulfilling romantic partnerships.

Paige Ramsey-Palmer

San Antonio, TX

paige ramsey palmer

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Skype: wordweaver99

Being widowed at age 40 and left to parent three daughters, ages 5, 11, and 13, I have a unique perspective on scooping up lemons and “making lemonade.” My girls and I moved from surviving to thriving, through my commitment to be both mother and father. This left little time for me. The Calling In “The One” program made me aware that I had an old pattern of accepting “crumbs” in life and spurred me to create a new loving relationship with myself.

Today, I am a certified coach for Calling In “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling. I help others do what I did – to fall deeply in “love with myself” and be “here” for me in a whole new way. I identified and removed barriers to love and transformed old beliefs that held me back. I opened the possibility for a thriving future that I never dreamed of having.

Finding true love means, first, removing your own barriers to love, so you can show up as your authentic radiant self. As a skilled communicator and published author, I can help you communicate your feelings and healthy needs to live joyfully and purposefully every day of your life. Join me for a complimentary discovery session.


Dale Sparage, BFA,

Montara, CA


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Dale Sparage, BFA, BA, MFA, is an expert at empowering you to trust your inner guidance and discernment in relationships and dating.

After overcoming a childhood that lacked healthy role models for intimacy, and unhealthy patterns with men in her romantic relationships; she has become a superpower in the field of love, dating, and relationships.

She draws from her experiences in a twenty-seven-year marriage, seven-year long term relationship, and a decade of dating. Her profound breakthroughs in her own relationships and dating process give her an edge as an influential mentor and teacher as you go through the Calling in “The One” program.

Trained as an instructor of yoga and meditation, Dale leads the process of Calling in “The One,” as a deep journey through body, heart, and mind.

She will guide you to discover that you no longer need to self-abandon and sacrifice yourself in relationships. Her experience in dating provides an added background as you create and apply your vision for love.

Suz Bagstad

Victoria, BC Canada


Email: suz.coaching@
Phone: 250.360.0624
Skype: suz.bagstad

When I discovered Calling in “The One”, I was intrigued, as it made so much sense that healthy, satisfying relationships are created from the inside out.  Through working with Katherine Woodward Thomas and the Calling in “The One” process; I discovered that I had prioritized belonging and acceptance, over being honored and respected, and ultimately loved. 

I began to notice the subtle ways that I had ineffectively showed up, and the idea of assessing and pacing relationships, rather than trying to be loved. I gained clarity on myself and discovered the ways that I was making incorrect meaning. 

As a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Apprentice Mentor who helps train other incoming coaches, I am committed to supporting people to gain clarity on themselves, and to safely navigate the very tender process of becoming the person they would most desire to be in a relationship with. So, they are empowered to thrive as a full and equal partner, while remaining integral to themselves. 

I bring my own life experience of navigating difficult relationships; and I specialize in working with people who wish to attract love more slowly and a little more traditionally. Also, as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, I could also recommend some very powerful Feng Shui enhancements to help attract, maintain closeness, and embellish love. 

Dr. Beth Bellman

Iowa City, IA

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Phone: 319.214.0226

Dr. Beth Bellman is a Calling in “The One” Certified Coach who is passionate and excited about sharing the Calling in “The One” transformational process with you. She brings over 20 years of experience as an educator and group facilitator to her individual coaching work. She is present and compassionate in her work and believes in each of her client’s ability to transform their lives and create the kind of loving relationship they desire. Beth is an active member and group facilitator in the LGBTQ community.

Beth worked for 14 years in outdoor experiential education teaching people they could accomplish more than they thought possible and how to work and communicate effectively in groups. Beth serves as a board member and volunteer with the Iowa City Learning Foundation. She is also a recent graduate of the High Performance Academy.

Join Beth in Calling in “The One” to start creating the kind of healthy, happy, and loving relationships you desire!

Eva Sázovská Andriessen

Brno/Czech Republic/Europe

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Skype: Snecka2301

I suffered from a broken heart for seven long years, and did not believe love would ever be possible for me again. Because of that belief, I made mistake after mistake in my love life. Yet I am now happily married to my wonderful soulmate, the father of my son and stepfather to my beautiful daughters. (I wished someone would have told me we can have more than one soul mate when I was suffering). Together, we are creating a beautiful and fulfilling life with our family. I feel loved, respected, and supported in my relationship.

Today, I support women on their journey to Call in “The One” and transform their lives, attracting the greatest love they could ever experience.

I am a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Performance Coach, Ontological and Transformation Coach, and a Talent Consultant. I share a mutual passion for coaching and leadership with my husband. In my coaching practice, I have worked with people from 18 countries and a broad spectrum of religions and cultures (Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa). 

I speak fluent English and Czech.

Jennifer Zundel


jennifer zundel conscious uncoupling coach

Phone: 303.352.1970
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Are you feeling anxious about finding your person in time to have a family? Before the Calling in “The One” program, Jennifer described herself as a magnet for men she wasn’t interested in, while men she was attracted to, didn’t pay her any attention. She felt her chances for having a family were passing her by, while the partner who would truly love and adore her and their family seemed nowhere to be found.

Through this work, Jennifer discovered very specific ways she was signaling men that she wasn’t interested in them. She’s grown her ability to inspire authentic connection with men while also being true to her vision for family. Now she’s a magnet for great men everywhere she goes.

Jennifer is also a Conscious Uncoupling Coach. She previously taught English as a Second Language, so welcomes international clients. Having lived in Italy many years, she speaks Italian. She’s also a visual artist, and plays violin with an orchestra.

Jennifer can support you to transform what has been keeping love away, and to step into your true possibility to manifest the partner who is right for you so that you can create the happy family you have been longing for.

Speaks fluent English and Italian.


Krista Masonis,

Cairo, Egypt


Email: krista.e.masonis@
Phone: +20 1001221047

Have you lived a life of relationships with self-centered people who do not see you? Krista knows how that feels, and how it becomes easier to simply give up on the hope of ever finding healthy, passionate love in your life. She knows because she has lived it – across different cultures and languages as well.

Katherine Woodward Thomas’s pioneering work has been instrumental in empowering her to shift how she lives, loves, parents, and works. It opened her up to the understanding that the potential for love, joy and true freedom within herself is fundamental to helping others realize their potential.

Raised and educated in the U.S., Belgium, Syria, and Egypt, Krista has lived and worked in Egypt for over thirty years as a leader in law and human rights advocacy as well as a certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious UncouplingCoach, Homeopath, and Flower Essence Practitioner. Krista advocates for you with her supportive, wholistic approach and unique coaching style.

She is a recognized expert in abusive relationship dynamics and commands extensive experience working with men and women. Krista will guide you to graduate from unhealthy, even toxic relationship patterns, liberating you to begin experiencing the happy, healthy love you not only desire, but absolutely deserve.

Krista speaks fluent English and Arabic.


Leila Reyes, MSW


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Phone: 415.390.6583

Leila Reyes can help you set healthy boundaries! After successfully healing herself of emotional, physical, and sexual trauma, Leila now knows how to create relationships that are characterized by safety, reliability, and authenticity. And she’d now love to help you to do the same.

Leila served as Training Director for the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” Coach Training Programs for five years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a Hakomi graduate (somatic psychotherapy), has served as a Mentor Coach for The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, and is certified in Spiritual Divorce and Best Year of Your Life coaching programs. She is also Lead Coach for Marci Shimoff’s Your Year of Miracles program. And as Head Coach of Katherine Woodward Thomas’s most recent True Love Awakening Masterclass program, Leila works closely with Katherine to train coaches of her highly transformative work.

Leila has coached thousands of people since she began her coaching career in 2004,  and is known for her compassionate and gentle strength, as well as her insightful ability to awaken you to the truth of your power and worth. She can help you to navigate the end of your relationship in a way that leaves you free to consciously create a life you love.

Jessica Yip

Bishop, CA

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Phone: 760.937.8798

Have you ever felt like who you were on the surface didn’t match who you were on the inside?

Years ago, I was outwardly successful — great job, cool city, loyal friends — but underneath the surface, I felt stuck and lonely. I was holding onto an unavailable man, my relationship with my parents was stifled by everything we never said, and my bigger dreams were buried under a pile of fear and ‘Am I doing it right?’-anxieties. 


Today, my life is bursting with love, creativity, and joy. Yes, I’m in love. Yes, I have healed my relationship with my parents. Yes, I am living in integrity with my purpose and highest potential. Powerful and radiant, I am consciously creating a life I’d only dreamed of. Finally!


The Calling in ‘The One’ course is a transformational process that asks us to release what is in the way of happy, healthy love, so we can generate it from the inside out. It works.


Even the best of us have made homes of relationships that are painful; I have been where you are. Eventually, we admit that we cannot live there forever.


You can free yourself from predictable cycles of heartbreak and call in your soul partner — I will show you how. 


Susierra Willson,
B. Mus., RMT

Toronto, Canada

susierra wilson

Phone: 416.432.5597
Skype: su.willson
Reach Susierra on WhatsApp

Susierra is a Calling in “The One” Apprentice Mentor Coach and has been involved in this exceptional work since 2012. Calling in “The One” provided key pieces to authentically healing for herself and allowed her to transform many of her relationships. As a lifelong seeker, she has explored many areas of psychotherapy, body care and spirituality and found this work to be outstanding in its ability to produce quick and lasting results. Related courses in Love Mastery and Feminine Power Mastery have allowed her to deepen her skills with coaching individuals and facilitating groups.

Her passion is to empower people to find their own version of joy and well-being. Her vision is to help heal the planet one valuable person at a time. She has a great intuitive ability to galvanize clients through “stuck patterns” that have produced some amazing success stories.


Noelle Davis

Austin, TX

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Phone: 512.766.5329

My path to becoming a relationship coach unfolded over many years and after co-creating a string of painful relationships. Having first-hand experience of the heartache and emotional trauma that results from a breakup and longing for love enables me to connect with my clients with compassion and empathy.

Before coaching, I worked for seven years as a legal assistant to a family law attorney where I acted as a compassionate first responder and guide to thousands of people experiencing personal relationship breakdowns.

After years of assisting fractured families at work and exploring various methods and philosophies for healing my own relationships, I moved through the Calling in “The One” course and learned how to cultivate my courage to truly love and be loved.  

Now as a certified coach, it is my honor to serve as a conduit for those who are ready to create a breakthrough to positive life changes. With training in kink awareness, polyamory, LGBTQ and open relationships, I am able to meet you where you are and help you embrace the love and relationship style that is authentic to you.

Eileen Jager

Easthampton, MA

eileen jager conscious uncoupling coach 3

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Skype: eileen.jager

My Dad died when I was a child and I developed overly responsible and co-dependent patterns.  As a highly sensitive empath I was overwhelmed by others feelings and needs, and denied my own.  
My real relational work began with better questions. ‘Why am I attracted to unavailable men?’ became, ‘What are the ways that I am unavailable to love?’ Calling in “The One”™ changed my life. I discovered the path to self-love and cherishing, developing healthy boundaries, being visible where I once disappeared, and risking vulnerability to generate authentic heart-to-heart connections.
I’m a love alchemist and will inspire you to grow your joyful vibrant life. The journey begins with self-love as the foundation for attracting great love. We’ll liberate the old stuck patterns, generate possibility and create an empowered center for deep and abiding romantic love. I’m dedicated to creating sacred space for love to grow, and cultivating skills for love to thrive.
Mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas since 2013, I’m a Certified Coach in Calling in “The One”™  and Conscious Uncoupling™.  I’m an artist, trained in Interior Alignment Feng Shui, Aura-Soma, SkyDancing Tantra, ISTA and The School of Womanly Arts.


Carrie McLlwain , B.S.W., M.S.W.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Phone: 416.528.9045

Carrie personally knows what it is like to feel stuck in patterns of suffering from failed dreams and to wonder if a life of deep happiness and true love can actually exist.  This suffering led her on a healing journey, which for years felt like a repetitive loop until she found Katherine Woodward Thomas. Katherine’s approach allowed Carrie to cease suffering and gain clarity and strategies to shift from wounded beliefs and patterns into self love, and become a creator of her own freedom, deep love and joy. 

Certified as a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach,  Carrie has been a trauma therapist for twenty years and has worked with children, parents, couples and families who have experienced toxic patterns and suffering. Through her years as a somatic trauma therapist and from her own personal healing journey, Carrie has found a way to release these patterns of suffering faster by helping clients unlock the cellular trauma that is trapped in the body. Carrie helps uncover patterns, which then creates the freedom that is needed to move her clients’ lives forward out of unhealthy patterns and suffering and into a life of freedom, deep love and joy.


Greg Wheeler,

Princeton Area, NJ

greg wheeler conscious uncoupling coach

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Phone: 609.225.0736

Greg is a Transformational Love, Relationship and Life Coach, Author and Mentor who is passionate about empowering and working with clients to create the love life, relationship and life that they love.

Greg loves guiding and seeing his clients from around the world fall in love with themselves, heal from their past wounds and patterns, and create the love, joy, deep connection and fun they have always wanted in their lives. As a man he connects with and works especially well with men and he brings a unique and empowering perspective to his work with ladies.

Katherine Woodward Thomas personally trained and certified Greg as a Calling in “The One” Coach, Conscious Uncoupling Coach, and True You Awakening Coach. He uses all his coaching and life experience as a single dad of 4, husband, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, 25+ years mentoring and leading high performance individuals in the R&D workplace, and a master level Integrated Energy Therapy healer to compassionately help his clients heal and break free from barriers or blockages from their past and to call in the one and the life they love.

After his divorce and while being a single dad with kids, Greg repeatedly had his heart broken, and years of disappointment in love until he did the work and used the power of Calling in “The One” to call in an amazing soulmate. Greg is excited to help make it work for you. Sign up for your free complimentary 30+ minute session here. 


Cheryl G Roberts

Stevens Point, WI


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Skype: chercher711

Living with a disability, navigating a painful divorce from a narcissist and losing her son has given Cheryl forty years of coaching and compassionate listening expertise and the ability to guide clients out of despair into believing in their worthiness to love and be loved. 

Cheryl is a Calling in “The One” Apprentice Mentor Coach who helps train new coaches, and has been personally trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas. She also is a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach and a certified Clutter Coach through the Denise Linn method of transformation.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Social Welfare, Cheryl became inspired to support people on their journeys of discovery. Many were seeking a happy romantic partner but had emotional blocks standing in the way of their progress. With her sharp intuition, she directs people to discover the barriers that have prevented love from taking root in their lives.


Beth Bachman

St. Louis, MO


Phone: 314.518.9336
Available to meet on ZOOM

Are you ready to wake up and find healthy wholehearted love? As your certified Calling in “The One” Coach, I gently help you understand that the most important person to first “call in” is yourself. I show you how to be open to love and create the space for love in your life. Whether you’re too scared or too scarred, I can help you open your heart again.

My personal journey began when my husband of 31 years passed away. I felt lost and unable to find my way. Through much prayer and guidance, I found a pathway to rediscover who I am and fall in love in a healthy and empowering way. This experience inspired me to become a Calling in The One” Coach.

I was personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas as both a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach.  My background includes working as a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Business Coach. My passion is to help widows and divorced women transition from unutterable grief and loss to finding their voice, self love, and hope for their future in love.

Jennifer Muellner

Kingwood, TX

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Phone: 281.619.9470
Meet via zoom, facetime, and conference call.

Have you broken through glass ceilings in your life but still find yourself unsatisfied in love? You are not alone. As a career airline pilot, I was able to generate success in many areas of my life, but love was something that seemed elusive. Calling in “The One” liberated me from the painful patterns I was re-enacting and set me free from any lingering negativity.

As a single mother, it was also deeply important to me to be able to offer something different to my child than the unhealthy patterns I’d learned from a young age.

Utilizing the transformative techniques of the Calling in “The One” process, I ‘fell in love’ with the work and am now a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach as well as a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach.

I believe we all have access to amazing inspiration and we all hunger for the capacity to create new experiences– the types of which we have only dreamed about up until now. I am confident that I can help you achieve that. Manifesting the miraculous and cultivating a co-creative relationship with life that generates endless possibilities is only the start.

Heather Garbutt

Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

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Phone: +447808776150

At age 58, I woke up on Valentine’s Day alone and lonely. I imagined all the couples celebrating their happiness. Yet not me. I was in despair. I’d had a series of unsatisfying relationships and even an eighteen-year marriage, with men who weren’t right.I tried to fit “the mould” and it cost me my joy, vibrancy and fulfilment. I felt lost and full of longing.

Opening my emails, I was captivated by the question “Do You Want to Create a Miracle in Your Love Life?” The lights came on! “Yes, I do!” I knew I needed to accept.

There was an invitation from Katherine and Calling in “The One”. From that point my life changed course. I will never forget it and I have never looked back. I soon met my partner and we live together in beautiful Berkshire, England. He supports and loves my work, gives me brilliant feedback. We dance together in love and devotion.

I merge this program with my work as a psychotherapist to offer deep support to you while you make profound changes in yourself and Call in Your One!

Do you want to create a miracle in your love life?


Anastasia Frank

Montclair, NJ

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Phone: 203.216.3032
Skype: anastasiasfrank

Anastasia specializes in supporting highly driven women, who’ve achieved success in every area of life except love, to attract & keep their dream soulmate partnership. 

She believes that every woman can create connected, healthy love for life. 

She used the tools of Calling in “The One” to overcome a childhood of physical and emotional abuse, to break painful patterns she’d carried into relationships for years, and ultimately to create a deeply loving, respectful, and mutually honoring marriage. 

As a Princeton graduate, Anastasia worked in finance and film before devoting her life to women’s empowerment. Through her signature Abundant Love Mastery® Methodology, which combines powerful self-love practices with the principles of Calling in “The One,” she supports clients to build unprecedented levels of self-love that organically help clients attract the relationships and abundance they desire. 

She has helped dozens of women from their 30s to 70s create deeply loving, respectful, and mutually empowering marriages and partnerships. Her clients include CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and artists. 

Anastasia brings deep intelligence, passion, wisdom, intuitive insight and commitment to her coaching. She serves as her clients’ fiercest advocate, tenaciously holding each accountable to become the woman she gets to be to attract & keep the most nourishing partnership possible. 

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Janet Jones, MA, LPC

San Jose, CA

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Have you sadly found yourself to be part of the growing number of “Gray Divorces?” Are you wondering if you’ll ever find love again, “at my age,” or be alone for the rest of your life? Having uncoupled from her spouse of 33 years while in her 60s, Janet lived those feelings and fears.

As a Child & Family Psychotherapist for over 20 years Janet was used to helping others, but was now staring at her own uncertain future. Fortunately, she discovered Calling in “The One”, which helped her look back at all of her past relationships with men, including her father. Here she discovered underlying patterns and unconscious beliefs about herself, men and love. From there she could see a path to self-love and authenticity that would attract others into her life.

Janet has not only coached others to feel ageless and alive again in relationships, she also knows the joy and peace of finding love and intimacy in a healthy relationship in her mid-60s, based on a new understanding of her self-worth. She would love to share that process so that you, too, can call in “The One” of your dreams – at any age!


Devon Ervin, MA

Beaverton, Oregon

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Have you ever let fear of rejection dictate your choices and then found yourself settling for less? I did this FOR YEARS in relationships, career, and even in leisure activities. When tragedy struck in my family, I was left feeling completely disconnected from my life. I knew it was time to stop pretending. I found Calling in “The One” and was surprised to discover the person I needed to call in was myself.  

I found my way back to myself and to my dreams. I found my voice and started creating that beautiful future I had envisioned. Now I feel called to help others do so as well.

I am deeply devoted to supporting you to have a breakthrough in love—whether that is in self-love or love with another human. I am intimately aware of the healing power of finding our own unique voice.

In addition to being a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, I am also a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach. I have an MA in Counseling Psychology and have been helping people make positive changes in their lives for many years.  

I would be honored to guide you toward creating your own beautiful life.

Carole Vaporean, MBA

New York, New York

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I am a bold, passionate and radiant woman, who leads with my power in relationships and in life. But it wasn’t always that way…

For years, I had thought of myself as an independent take-charge woman, even though I gave my power away to men, believing I had to squelch my own needs and desires to keep love in my life. I sought validation through my job as a top-tier financial journalist. In truth, I was unfulfilled and always stressed out, and had given so much of myself away I hardly knew who I was anymore. Then, my marriage disintegrated.

That’s when I found Katherine Woodward Thomas, whose programs taught me that no matter how much it seemed like someone else was at fault, I always had a part in the breakdowns in my life. The good news was, I had power over my part. I discovered that the source of my power and self-worth was never with men, bosses or anyone else. My true power always comes from within.

As a coach, I teach you to build a bridge from your inner to your outer life, to get in touch with your intuition and true desires, and to partner with the Divine Feminine to manifest your Beloved from your “Power Place.”

Certified as both a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach, I support you to find your power, stay centered there and create the relationship and life of your dreams.

Jeanine Dudek

Germantown, Maryland

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I am an angel intuitive, musician, and teacher, who trusts the inner wisdom of my heart to guide my life. I always dreamed I would marry and have children, but in my forties, I was still single. The relationship I had with my first soulmate ended abruptly and painfully, challenging my ability to trust my intuition. How did my guidance get it so wrong?


That introspection led me to Katherine Woodward Thomas. Through her programs, I discovered that what may feel right in a romantic partner may not actually be. That feeling I had was an unconscious pattern from my childhood that was sabotaging my adult relationships until I became aware of it.


After shifting my beliefs and developing new relationship patterns, I miraculously attracted my True Love. Together we have created a supportive partnership, a beautiful home, a butterfly preserve, and a loving blended family including children and pets.


As a Certified Calling In “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I combine my intuitive gifts with practical teaching skills to guide clients through their own transformational process. I help them clarify their intentions, identify core beliefs, and ask the magic questions that are keys to living an empowered life.


Angela Barrett

Greater Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Angela is a qualified psychotherapist and an experienced Calling in “The One” coach who has supported hundreds of individuals to change the trajectory of their love life and have their healthiest, most fulfilling relationship ever.

A compassionate, practical and effective coach, Angela provides a safe space for her clients to identify and transform their unconscious beliefs and barriers to love.

Her clients have significant positive shifts within themselves and in their love lives. Most have gone on to have breakthrough relationships, to be engaged or married or to be in their first-ever successful relationship. All have gone on to be more authentically themselves in their lives.

Angela is a wife and mother of two teenage girls and worked in the media before devoting herself to helping people find love. She is also a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach and often coaches people through a Conscious
before the Calling in “The One” program.

She runs her practice north of Sydney, Australia, and sees clients from anywhere in the world on Zoom.

Angela is a warm-hearted coach, passionate about love and connection, and for the past 25 years has studied with respected teachers in the areas of
relationships, transformation, energy healing and meditation.


Martina Meyer


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Once upon a time, I was stuck in “relationship hell.” Divorced, no friends, no family to turn to, and stuck in a painful, long-distance “thing” – I felt like a failure in love and in relationships. It was puzzling because I’d “made it” in so many areas of my life. I’d moved from Germany to the US, married, become a successful entrepreneur – single-handedly building and selling an enterprise, traveled widely, and owned multiple homes.

I decided to study what true love really means and learned how I had been unknowingly getting in my own way. Calling in “The One” was a game changer! Today, I LOVE my life. I feel at home in my body and soul. I passionately dance Tango, learn, teach, and study. My life is a curious adventure and experiment in exploring new facets of joy and aliveness. And that’s what I’d love for you, too, in your own unique way.

As a certified coach, not only for Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”, but also for The Grief Recovery Method®️, DreamBuilding®️, and Movement Education I will facilitate a full body-mind-soul experience for you. (Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), Tango dancer and Alexander Technique Apprentice

Shelley Treacher

Bristol, UK

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My Mother was an anxious workaholic who binged on junk food. Being her only child, I learned to worry more about her than myself. I also had a truly absent Father. The men I chose, focused on themselves. I felt invisible, and I questioned myself while I ploughed through multipacks of crisps [chips]. It took me a long time to work out that by spending time with people who couldn’t appreciate me, I wasn’t appreciating myself. And I had a strong attraction to ‘helping’ absent men.

As my self-knowledge grew, so did my psychotherapy practice. People like me, who felt exhausted, sad and lonely, and who always put others first, came to see me. I had to become knowledgeable on how to heal! My grounding in body centred psychotherapy, and Katherine Woodward Thomas’s work, gave me a process by which to grow far beyond.

Now, I want to save you from the years of desperation that I went through. I want to help you to understand and let go of hopelessness. To realise that you are more than loveable. To help you manage any comfort eating. And to trust, invite and make space for a wealth of kind, empathic support and love.

Dr. Suzanne Yessayan, MA, BA, CHt

Los Angeles, CA


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Dr. Suzanne Yessayan is a dual-Certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a clinical hypnotherapist, modern intuitive, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.  With her, you’ll be in the hands of a masterful professional, who is well-seasoned and gifted, with interesting and diverse life experiences and transitions. 

Belonging suggests warmth, understanding and embrace.  Our hunger to belong is to find a bridge across distance from isolation to intimacy where we’re seen, and loved.  You too can attract the love you seek.  If you’re ready to unleash the possibilities housed in the heart of your soul, then take the next step with me toward your path to a new awakening.

At one point, I gave up on love.  I thought love at my age was unlikely to happen.  I thought no one would ever equally value, appreciate, and understand me.  My heart was closed after disappointments.  I didn’t feel worthy of anything better in love. 

After finding this work, I recognized my own value.  I’m fully present in how I relate to others.  I no longer feel I have to prove anything to anyone.  Now moving forward my personal relationship is built on mutual respect, and trust, where I’m genuinely valued and embraced wholeheartedly and I enjoy helping others feel this same sense of joy.

Tjitske Duiker

Faversham, Kent, UK

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I was highly educated and worked as a busy and successful chiropractor, but for years I focussed on work so I could avoid looking at what wasn’t working in my relationships. I would make myself invisible and make my partner’s needs more important than my own. I thought I did that to keep myself safe, but it made it easier for others to dismiss me.

When I started the Calling in ‘“The One” process I learned to be a happier person within myself, shift my perspective on things, connect more deeply to the people around me and to honour my needs. I started showing more of who I am. Today, I am a certified coach for Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling after being personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

I enjoy helping clients connect to their vision, to help them connect to who they really are, and how to show up as that happy, radiant, authentic version of themselves. To help them find what is holding them back from finding love, and help them connect with others in deeper and more meaningful ways. Contact me to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

Isandra Muñoz Bonilla, JD

Puerto Rico

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I am a transformative educator committed to the co-creation of a better world. While I was married and considering a divorce, the book Calling in “The One” came into my hands as an answered prayer. Taking a deep dive into this work revealed that no matter where I find myself in life, the first relationship I need to heal and nurture is the one with myself.   This work also gave me the tools to be proactive, while staying true to myself and consciously moving forward in healthy relational ways.

I am also a former lawyer and witnessing the power of this work inspired me to pursue a new career, using transformative education and coaching as valuable instruments in ushering in a more evolved world.  Likewise, working with organizations as a Franklin Covey (“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) consultant, I confirmed what I had experienced: having mastery over the relationship with oneself is a game changer in life itself.


As both a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach, I offer services in English and Spanish. I thrive in supporting conscious people to harness self-love in its varied manifestations as a vital ingredient in attracting a beloved, as well as in creating and sustaining happy, healthy, loving relationships in all areas of life.