Calling in "The One" Starter Kit

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My simple, yet radically transformative Calling In “The One” process has been THE turning point in the love life of hundreds of thousands of people. And it can be the turning point for you, too.

I thoughtfully designed this Calling In “The One” Starter Kit, derived from my newly released revised and expanded edition, to support you in fully awakening your power to create an unprecedented future of happiness in love, while you begin my simple, step-by-step process . . .

These resources were hand-picked to help you:

  1. Identify and release any old, unsupportive beliefs and behaviors that have been covertly sabotaging your love life – so you can become fully available and magnetic to “The One” for you.
  2. Begin to free yourself (forever!) from your old painful patterns in love – so you can go on to create the kind of happy and fulfilling relationship you’ve always yearned for.
  3. Create a clear and powerful vision for what’s actually possible in your love life – so you can break through any resignation you may have and become grounded in the possibilities you hold for happy, healthy and fulfilling love.
  4. Set a bold intention for love to unleash a slew of synchronicity and magic – to ensure your vision for love becomes your new reality.

I invite you to move through these resources at your own pace, whether that be all at once or stopping to replay, giving extra attention wherever it’s needed.

Now, let’s begin. Because I’d love for you to be my next Calling In “The One” success story . . .

To your happiness in love,

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3 Questions to find your true love

Lessons 1-3: Excerpt from the 2021
Revised and Expanded edition of Calling in “The One”:
7 weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

Lessons 1-3 of the world-renowned 49-day Calling In “The One” Process

Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, first published in 2004 by Three Rivers Press and again as a revised and expanded edition in 2021, was the first book to marry psychologically sound metaphysical principles with the desire to manifest a mate. Written as a 49-day course, the book takes the reader on a journey to manifest love from the inside out. 

The excerpt included in your Calling in “The One” Starter Kit is from Katherine’s newly released revised and expanded edition, and will get you started on your transformative journey by providing Week One, Lessons 1-3 of the world renowned 49-day process.

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“Psychotherapist Thomas’s warm-hearted “course” for the lovelorn focuses on internal change rather than a quest for “the One,” because, she says, “There is a huge chasm between wanting to find your ideal partner and being truly available… when he or she appears.” Each of the seven weeks centers on a theme, including preparing to let love into one’s life, letting go of childhood wounds and loving oneself… Certainly meditation, discipline and self-acceptance are noble pursuits whether or not “the One” comes knocking, and Thomas’s belief that love will find you once you find love is so unswerving that it’s almost impossible not to be convinced.”

– Publishers Weekly